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The Way of the Ninja

Ancient Secrets for the Modern World

Developed by Martial Arts Black Belt Hall of Fame Member, An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes. To-Shin-Do training covers a wide variety of methods: 

  • Striking, kicking, and punching

  • Grappling, throwing, and joint locking

  • Self-defense when pulled to the ground

  • Stick, blade, cord, and projectile defense

  • Successfully handling surprise attacks

  • Surviving against multiple attackers

  • Overcoming psychological intimidation or bullying

Unlike most other martial arts that emphasize willing competition to defeat an adversary. We aim to get out and away with the least amount of effort. The principles of To-Shin Do are based upon strategic angling, distancing, and timing.

These principles are supported by the gradual development of intuitive awareness or knowing what is needed at any given time.

To-Shin Do will teach you to be calmer, subtler, and more in control when a conflict arises.

The goal of Nagayama Dojo is to provide a path for willing explorers, that promotes confidence, clarity, community, and collaboration. We do not promote violence, however, we are very aware that we must be prepared to protect ourselves and our loved ones, rather than be victims.

About Sensei Casey Boutoshi Toland

"Warrior Knight of the Abundant Blade"

Sensei Casey Boutoshi Toland (1).jpg

Casey Toland was awarded the To-Shi Warrior name of Boutoshi (bow-toh-shee), “Warrior Knight of the Abundant Blade,” by An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes. This name references the abundance of spirit and enthusiasm Casey brings to training, as well as his diverse martial arts background.

Prior to his training in To-Shin Do, Boutoshi  earned a second-degree black-belt in World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) style Taekwondo, going so far as to compete on the Olympic Qualifier Circuit. He also has a first-degree black belt in Shorin-Ryu Karate and extensive experience in Arnis and Southern Dragon Kung-Fu. This diversity of experience allows him break down and simplify advanced concepts into easily understood and approachable lessons.

In his personal time Casey works as an artisan, creating custom made wooden training weapons, and as a professional  graphic designer. For fun he enjoys hiking and kayaking as well as nerd culture, running a regular Dungeons and Dragons session with friends and making an annual trip to Denver Pop Culture Con.

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