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"I protect Life and Health. I avoid Violence whenever possible". 

From the To-Shin Do Student Creed.


Nagayama Dojo, Quest Martial arts focuses on intelligent and realistic self-protection as opposed to sport, competition martial arts, or “kiddie karate”. Today this is rare in the martial arts world. The popular sport of mixed martial arts or “MMA” requires bigger, stronger, faster, and younger. On the other hand, many other martial arts schools specifically cater to the needs and development of children.

Classes at Nagayama Dojo are geared specifically for the needs and goals of adults. Lessons focus on teaching real-world applicable skills through the lens of self defense martial arts.

We will teach you to move beyond the need for size, strength, and speed to unlock the hidden secrets of being smarter, subtler, calmer, and more in control.

But it's not for everyone!

We do not work with children under the age of 14*, and we’re not about competition or chasing belt ranks.

Here's who we are looking for:

If you are open to new ways of understanding and are willing to grow and change in order to be the best version of yourself possible, then we invite you to apply for enrollment in at Nagayama Dojo.


Three Mountain Kasumi-An
Introductory Program

This 3 month program will take you through the foundational skills that lead up to our To-Shin Do Ninja Self-Protection Programs. This program includes one-on-one mentoring in developing the mindset and perspective that leads to mastery in any endeavor.

During the course you'll explore 4 Element (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind) strategies for successfully managing conflict and danger.

Upon completion of the course, if have proven to be a good fit for the community, you will be invited to enroll in Level 1 of our To-Shin Do Ninja Self-Protection Program.


To-Shin Do Ninja Self-Protection

Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Void

The To-Shin Do Ninja Self-Protection program promotes five life-fulfilling aspects that every person desires to experience. Each element represents a 9 month course focusing on a specific set of skills and qualities to be learned and honed.

Each course includes one-on-one mentoring in the life skills, mindset and perspective that leads to the manifestation of the element qualities of a fully actualized person, referred to as tatsujin in the ninja tradition.

Level 1

  • Earth - Abundance – Freedom to seek your own definition of success – living a full, rich, and important life. 

You’ll learn the principle of ‘Holding Your Ground with Confidence’ and ‘Commanding Your Space’ characterized by up and down directional movement, and using gravity as a powerful tool. 

Level 2

  • Water - Authenticity – Knowledge of the true nature of reality and self – achieving personal peace through intelligence - Mindfully analyze the effects of our thoughts, words and actions.

You'll learn proper timing and footwork to maintain distance without losing connection, you’ll learn the principles of scientifically gathering physical energy/information while positioning yourself in space to respond with natural speed and power thru effortless mobility.

  • Fire - Association – Connection to friends, family, and allies – expressing who we really are and sharing honest respect and admiration with others - Rising above distracting division.

With confident mobility and proper timing, you collect experiences to connect with, shut down and resolve potentially dangerous encounters. ​The Fire element principles will teach you to take preemptive action, intercepting conflict before it becomes out of control.

Level 3

  •  Wind - Accomplishment – to sense we are needed – serving a worthy and noble cause - Using time purposefully to experience growth and enrich the lives of others.

You’ll learn the ideas of giving up space with ghost-like movement to win. Gain knowledge of incredible power thru full-body, circular movement. Take action and always be one step ahead!

  • Void - Actualization – Personal fulfillment – Having the freedom to live up to our expectations and dreams - Expand your experience!

This level is an intermediate path of study while approaching 1st degree Black Belt. You will revisit each element with a deeper focus and expanded understanding. The application of the principles associated with the 4 elements come in to play throughout all movement as you gain the experience of ‘Moving with feeling’.

Level 4

Black Belt (and beyond)

Upon completion of the five intermediate courses, you’ll be invited to demonstrate your understanding with a panel of senior practitioners, including Casey Boutoshi Toland and his mentor Ian Hyotoshi Pucek.  After successful evaluation, you may graduate into the Black Belt ranks, leading to advanced, modern To-Shin Do strategies from historical lineages of Ninjutsu.


Wandering Warrior
Private and Small Group Training

Bring the Dojo to You!

Casey Boutoshi Toland can bring the dojo and training to you. We offer corporate team building, and safety training, as well as small group and private lessons. We can bring everything needed to facilitate an authentic ninja self-protection experience. 

Our Wandering Warrior Program makes it effortless. All you need to bring is enthusiasm and a desire to learn. 

This is the perfect platform for your corporate event, or private self-defense training.