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Seeing Through Shadows

Situational awareness is key to learning effective self-protection. As students, we need to pay attention to learning how to pay attention. Following up on my last post, here is another game you can play to aid in developing your perception.

Seeing through Shadows

For a few hours, look for every reflective surface you can find. Pay attention to the world reflected back to you.

Here are your goals:

1. Look for reflective surfaces outdoors through windows. What do you see? 2. While walking do you notice the shine of a passing car’s window? 3. What do you see in the puddle of water on the ground? 4. What is reflected in your water glass at the restaurant? 5. The haze rising from the road on a hot day, what does it hide, and what does it reflect? 6. Can you see your distorted reflection in the cornea of the person you are talking to? 7. Look for as many reflections as possible and note how many surfaces provide reflected images.

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