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I have had the pleasure of training with Casey for many years now. He is a great instructor and his skills in the arts are exceptional. Casey has a wonderful understanding of the culture surrounding To-Shin Do and how to present it in class. I have had the joy of expanding my knowledge through learning with Casey.

Wayne A


I have trained in To-Shin Do for over 16 years. I have known Casey for almost 10 of those years. Casey is one of the finest instructors I have had the privilege to train with and learn from. Casey has a knack for taking complex martial skills and transforming them into easily learned abilities. I look forward to training with Casey in the future!!!

Michael B


Botoshi is an insightful teacher, gracious and creative! I learn something new every class, either about myself, about the world, or about self defense. I appreciate his guidance, leadership, and willingness to explore what I am working on, or what other students have questions about! Come join us! Kelli

Kelli D

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I found To-Shin Do during the pandemic. I wasn't sure what to expect, but honestly, it was the best timing one could have to start training in something like this. I was met with open arms and a completely non-judgmental attitude. In short, being a height-challenged young woman, this art directly aligned with my beliefs, and what I wanted to achieve both in training, and my mental state. I'm glad to have found this in such an uneasy time as the pandemic. It has brought me joy, and peace of mind and courage. Obviously, highly recommend. For. Anything.

Allison C

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