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Intelligent Self Defense

For Martial Arts Enthusiasts

Not all martial arts are karate, and it isn't just for kids.

Self-defense begins with awareness, each moment offering crucial cues to aid your escape to safety. We embrace techniques emphasizing positioning and alignment rather than relying solely on strength. We prioritize timing over sheer speed, focusing on practicality over flashy moves.

Discover your innate strength, capability, and capacity to tackle challenging situations, whether standing up to adversity or managing daily tasks.

As you progress, techniques become sneakier, more nuanced, and effortless - ideal for those seeking practicality over showmanship and competition.

But it's not for everyone!

We do not work with children (unless training directly with a parent), and we’re not about competition or chasing belt ranks. 


Here's who we are looking for:​

If you are open to new ways of understanding and willing to grow and change to be the best version of yourself possible, we invite you to apply for enrollment at Quest Self Defense Longmont.

A student delivering a powerful counter strike

Self Defense
for the fight you didn't see coming

Imagine... In the blink of an eye, your routine day transforms into a nightmare, confronting you with a life-threatening challenge. Suddenly you have to swiftly transition from disbelief to a determined focus and unwavering resolve. That rapid shift, from initial shock to razor-sharp focus, is what we cultivate daily in our welcoming and dynamic dojo for adults seeking martial arts training. Here, safety meets excitement as you explore new skills, bolstered by challenging lessons meticulously designed to enhance your capabilities and resilience.

Dojo Facility

Our Dojo Facility
Small group training in a private space.

Our Methods

To-Shin Do

The art of mastering balance

Training that hones the art of achieving BALANCE IN LIFE.

  • You can navigate life with a calm awareness, free from the constant feeling of walking on eggshells.

  • You can find the peace of sitting back and listening and the courage to speak boldly when the moment arises.

  • You can be both laid-back and patient, yet quick-witted and agile, ever prepared to act swiftly.

  • You can balance self-care, personal pursuits, and community empowerment as a fulfilling way to simultaneously rest, grow, and contribute.

Training that hones the art of achieving BALANCE ON THE MAT.

  • Displace your opponent to dirupt their balance while maintaining your own stability and centered in conflict.

  • Focus on essential details while keeping a broad perspective, remaining mindful of the entire space.

  • Learn immediate, effective techniques tailored to you, enjoying the journey towards mastering complex, advanced skills over time.

  • Draw on wisdom handed down from anicent martial traditions, leveraging their depth, and adapt your skills to wield power in the present moment.

Do you feel like you have to choose between martial and art?

Martial schools focus on physical conditioning and training for competitive fights in sports arenas. You can hit harder, and be stronger, but mostly you end up with knee and back pain.

Art schools hone your mental acuity through mastering traditional techniques and forms. You feel confident executing kata forms in the dojo, yet unease lingers when you navigate a nighttime parking lot.

Get the best of both worlds!

Through centuries of war, Japan's samurai and ninja meticulously honed their combat prowess, evolving techniques to match ever-changing circumstances.

To-Shin Do, our martial art, proudly carries forth their legacy, innovating ancient, battle-proven training methods to adeptly tackle the modern physical, mental, and spiritual challenges of today. You can be more effective and efficient in the dojo while being confident in the nighttime parking lot.

Throw an attacker by breaking their balance

Let's make the world a brighter place!

Your success helps everybody win.

The Quest Self-Defense family, including instructors, students, and our community, is fully invested in your success.

When you succeed, it's a victory for everyone!

As your expertise grows, you enhance not just your abilities but also become a better training partner, creating a cycle of mutual improvement. As your training partners grow, they in turn elevate your training experience.

With heightened skills you become a protector, contributing to a safer, more harmonious community and world.

Be you! Be Ninja!

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